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Yaktrax Ice Cleats Pro-Chains- and Diamond Grip

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When winter is a boomerang we are left with Ice baby, Ice!   Get around town safely with Yaktrax!  We have Yaktax Pro, Yaktrax Chains and Yaktrax Diamond Grip for all of your shoes and boots.

Yaktrax Pro $34.00 are made of durable rubber and work best with a low profile for ice and snow.  There is a removable performance strap.

Yaktrax Chains $38.00 have a square chain link that bites into the ice and snow for traction.  They are rugged and heavy duty.

Yaktrax Diamond Grip $49.99 offer traction for all types of winter conditions.  Ice, sleet, hail, freezing rain, everything.  Made with durable steel allloy beads they are easy on/off.  Not suggested for indoor use.

General sizing:

Size small - fits footwear sized 5-7

Size medium - fits footwear sized 8-10

Size large - fits footwear sized 11-13

Size XL - fits footwear sized 14 plus